The transliteration in this site follows the most commonly used system native speakers use. Egyptian Arabic is not normally written in books for example, but in emails and online the Arabic Alphabet is used. The Latin Alphabet is also often used.

Each word in this blog will be written in both the Arabic and Latin Alphabet. For those who cannot read Arabic, here is the key to letters which don't appear in the Latin Alphabet but do appear in Arabic and how they are written in this site.

3 - ع (Voiced Pharyngeal Frictave)

shaara3 شارع street
3araby عربي Arabic

7 - ح (Emphatic H)

el-7ob الحب  love
7alaal حلال permissible

2 - ء or ق (Non-vocal 'Break'/Glottal Stop)

2alb قلب heart
delwa2t دلوقتي  now

Capital T -  ط (Saturated/Hard T)

Taree2 طريق  road
Tab3an طبعا  of course

Capital S - ص

مصر maSr  Egypt
صور Soor  pictures

Capital D - ض

ضحك De7k  laughter
ضهر  Duhr   noon

kh - خ

sheikh  شيخ   old man/Sheikh
khalaaS جلاص   enough, finished