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Personal and Possessive Pronouns

Independent Personal Pronouns

In Arabic, there are two types of personal pronouns. There are independent pronouns, that can stand alone, for example as the subject of a sentence:

أنا مدرس  ana mudarris - "I'm a teacher"

Below are the list of all independent personal pronouns:

أنا ana I
احنا e7na we
انت enta you (masculine)
انتي enty you (feminine)
انتو ento you all (plural)
هو howwa he
هي heyya she
هم homma they

Dependent Personal Pronouns

Dependent personal pronouns consist of a suffix added to the end of nouns, prepositions and verbs. When added to a noun, it acts like a possessive adjective in English (my, his, her). The suffix is a couple of letters joined the end of the noun which changes depending on how many consonants the noun ends in.

  • If the noun ends in TWO consonants "-CC", (for example اسم esm = "name") the dependent personal pronouns are as follows:

انا ana ي- -y
esmy my name
احنا e7na نا- -ena
esmena our name
انت enta ك- -ak
esmak your name (masculine)
انتي enty ك- -ek
esmek your name (feminine)
انتو ento كم- -uku(m)*
esmuku your name (plural)
هو howwa ه- -o
esmo his name
هي heyya ها- -aha
esmaha her name
هم homma هم- -ohom
esmohom their name

* You can use -ukum instead of -uku but the ending -ohom never changes.


اسمك ايه؟  - esmak eih? - what's your name? (to a male)
اسمها ايه؟  - esmaha eih? - what's her name? (to a female)

ينت - bent - girl/daughter
ينتي - benty - my girl/my daughter

اخت  - ukht -  sister
اختك فين؟  - ukhtak fein? - where's your sister? (to a male)

  •  If the noun ends in just ONE consonant  "-C", (example بيت beit = "house") the dependent personal pronouns are as follows:

انا ana ي- -y بيتي beity my house
احنا e7na نا- -na بيتنا betna* our house
انت enta ك- -ak بيتك beitak your house (masculine)
انتي enty ك- -ek بيتك beitek your house (feminine)
انتو ento كم- -kum بيتكم betkum* your house (plural)
هو howwa ه- -o بيته beito his house
هي heyya ها- -ha بيتها betha* her house
هم homma هم- -hom بيتهم bethom* their house

بيتنا كبير  -  betna kbeer -  our house is big
بيتها فين   -  betha fein?  -   where is her house?

* In Egyptian Arabic, as a rule, there is never a long vowel before 2 consonants "-CC" so the "ei/ي" sound in beit becomes a short 'e' sound. 

  • If the noun ends in a VOWEL, "-V", the dependent personal pronouns are as follows.

*Note: the words abb اب "father" and akh اخ "brother" take the form abo and akho when they are used with suffixes. The final vowel is lengthened, as is the rule with all words which end in a vowel when used with suffixes. 

انا ana ي- -ya
akhoya my brother
احنا e7na نا- -na
akhona our brother
انت enta ك- -k
akhok your brother (masculine)
انتي enty ك- -ky
akhoky your brother (feminine)
انتو ento كم- -kum
akhokom your brother (plural)
هو howwa ه- -o
akho his brother
هي heyya ها- -ha
akhoha her brother
هم homma هم- -hom
akhohom their brother

اخوك طويل  -  akhok Taweel  -  your brother is tall (to a male)
اخوكي فين؟  -  akhoky feen?   -  where is your brother? (to a female)


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